Use goals to ride at your best

Many cyclists flounder because they fail to set clear goals. Without goals, there’s little direction and focus to the time spent on your bike. As a result, your motivation may dip when don’t see the progress you were hoping for.

When Andrew Randell, a former pro racer, works with athletes, one of the first things he gets them to do is set out clear goals. This step helps him to come up with a plan to help them get there.

One of the teams Randell coaches is Evatik, whose members had training programs that weren’t working for them.

“In the past, they experienced burnout and severe fatigue,” explains Randell. “This season, we managed the training in such a way that they were able to maximize their season.”

After starting to work with the team,  Randell got members to settle on specific goals that were important to them. The result was a more realistic, focused and smart approach to training. John Provart, a Master 1 road racer from Ontario who rides for Evatik, says having a plan with goals helped him and his team to perform well at the Coupe des Amériques in Quebec.

Randell says it’s helpful to write your goals down on. Having things on paper will give you motivation and will help you determine the training steps you need to use each week and month to its fullest.  Randell says he has his training diary from the year he won the Canadian road championships. Every once in a while, he pulls it out and looks at the training he did to help him reach that goal.

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