Top 10 at Redlands prologue

The Redlands prologue on April 4th was a great start for Denise Ramsden’s season. Denise, Ramsden photo Canada’s current National Road Champion, finished a solid tenth in the 12km prologue. Over the winter we had worked on some time trial type training, but primarily our focus had been on Denise’s time trial warm-up. We started with a template warm-up, and then refined it based on what she found worked best for her. Making sure this was dialled ahead of time helped make sure that there was one less thing she had to worry about on race day. Control those elements you can and your day will be that much better!

One thing Denise said that made the time trail challenging was that it took place at altitude, riding around the shore of Big Bear Lake 2000m above Los Angeles! A bit of a shock after spending the winter training at sea level. Still, Denise’s pacing was good and the result shows the effort that she put in.

Congrats on a great start to the season. Onwards and upwards!

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