Palo Alto 2013 Day 1

For the first day of camp it was a matter of getting out into the hills and letting the legs get warmed up. Too often I’ve seen guys go tearing off on the first day, and finish the camp whimpering at the pain in their legs. A constant theme in my coaching is that it is all about pacing: an effort, a day, a week, a season. And today was no different.

Rob and I did two solid climbs. Old la Honda, which is THE local climb. 5.5km at 7%, it is nothing crazy but climbs don’t get much prettier than this.

Old la Honda

Old la Honda

We then descended HWY 84, which we climbed in the 2010 Tour of California, before taking in the second climb of the day King’s Mountain. Starting the climb we were passed by two riders. With us in front they had a rabbit to chase, but once they passed us they didn’t go anywhere. Rob and I chuckled to one another and kept the tempo we had started with. Slowly we came back on them, finally catching them. As we passed they asked how long to the top. 2km I said. By the next corner they were gone. The 2kms had cracked them. Funny how riding with a rabbit ahead is such a good motivator.

So, that’s day one down. Two climbs, 85km and 1600m of climbing. We’ll get bigger this week as we look to prepare Rob for the Hautes Routes this summer where he’ll be seeing days of 3500m. Tomorrow we head south to Santa Cruz. Coffee on the beach!

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