First ride at the Bluffs this season

Phew, yesterday was my first trip out to the Bluffs for 2013. The Bluffs are the local hill repeat site here in Toronto. From bottom to top it takes about 4mins, perfect for repeats.

Of course there was a headwind yesterday. What else for the first time out of the year? I rode out with Marc Mazer who is in the middle of a solid block and probably feeling some serious fatigue. It was good to have the company to keep up the motivation as the repeats started to pull on the leg muscles. If it hadn’t been for Marc I most likely would have stopped after three times up, but there is no motivator like not wanting to look weak so I completed all five reps. I would say Marc was in the same boat as me though, so the motivation was mutual.

While the efforts were tough we kept them steady. This year I’ve taken a different approach with the training, incorporating some shots of intensity through the winter and I think it is paying off for everyone. Marc and I were both able to keep our efforts consistent and finished up a solid day’s work with our heads held high.

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First Bluffs of 2013

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