Palo Alto spring training 2015

Palo Alto 2015

The Cycling Gym Grand Opening Special

The Cycling Gym

The Cycling Gym – a year-round cycling and fitness centre – will be located at 388 Carlaw Avenue.  As an exciting Grand Opening Special The Cycling Gym is offering a discount to the first 25 members to sign up.

The Cycling Gym offers unlimited access to all the components of a well planned endurance training program. At The Cycling Gym we want to teach you about the aspects of a complete training program so that you will become better at making wise decisions during your training sessions. This approach ensures that you will be continually adapting and improving your fitness.

The Cycling Gym’s Components

Cycling Classes

This programming will be periodized for performance improvement through Kickr cogsetindividualized workouts with monthly testing to monitor your progress. During the winter classes will take place indoors using your bicycle on a Wahoo Kickr trainer. In the summer the classes will be delivered both indoors and outdoors.

Strength, Conditioning & Mobility Classes

These will be tailored to endurance type athletes and will promote both performance enhancement  as well as improving overall well-being. This element of training is missing in almost all other endurance programs. This component is vital in preventing harm from the repetitive nature of our endurance sports and should be performed throughout the year.

Open Gym Time

This will allow you to continue following the program when you are unable to join a scheduled class. This is a great opportunity to address elements of your programming that require extra attention.

Yearly Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to The Cycling Gym‘s classes and open gym time
  • Bike Storage
  • Take home cycling program
  • 15% discount on metabolic testing
  • 15% discount on seminars

Yearly Membership Promo Price $249.00 per month (10% discount)


Winter Seasonal Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to The Cycling Gym‘s classes and open gym time
  • Bike Storage
  • Take home cycling program
  • 10% discount on metabolic testing
  • 10% discount on seminars

Seasonal Membership Promo Price $269.00 per month (10% discount) Oct – Apr

For more information on the schedule and services offered please go to:

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at:



Today’s workout June 24

Since I was still feeling tired after the weekend’s ride at the Tour de Waterloo I re-arranged my training plan. I wasn’t up to a ride so did some mobility, kettlebell and body weight work as per Steve Neal Performance. A great workout in 30mins.

side step x 20 (red resistance band)

5’ mobility

  • lunge with heal to instep x 5@ (this represents per side)
  • side lunge squat x 5@
  • calf stretch

CrossBell First Time Fit with red resistance band each 1min

  • added in diamond lift
  • squat with press out, band around upper back and held at CrossBell
  • double arm swing
  • up-out-side-to-side with added red band around upper back and held at CrossBell
  • bent over row, one one leg 30sec@
  • arm curl with red resistance band 30sec@
  • tricep extension with red resistance band 30sec@
  • side-to-side with added red resistance band using door anchor and clip on CrossBell, 30sec@
  • reach up and out with red resistance band using door anchor and clip on CrossBell, 30sec@

CrossBell, carabiner clip, and resistance band

Body weight work as per Steve Neal Performance (managed 2 rounds with 1min rest, goal is to get to 5 rounds)

  • air squat x 20
  • lunge x 10@
  • split jump x 20
  • squat jumps x 20
  • push ups x 5

Cool down

  • reverse lunge with twist x 5@
  • walk outs x 5

Sometimes you have to hit reset on your training

The last blog I wrote was about what to do as an athlete when you get sick. Hopefully you get healthy quickly and can get back to your training plan easily enough. Sometimes though, as was the case for me, you stay sick for a long time and get knocked off the training plan that you had in place. If you are sick long enough it can impact your plans for the season and which events you were planning on trying to be your best at. This is when we all start to get discouraged.

Hold on though, what we all tend to forget is how long the cycling season actually is. Even if your plans to do well in May don’t work out the season extends all the way through to September, even October in some areas. Remember how often your fellow riders  (and perhaps yourself) are burned out come summertime and the best riding of the year. They were so focused on riding well in the spring that they neglected to pace themselves over the course of the full season.

Don’t be afraid to hit the reset button, take a bit of a break and re-assess where you are headed with your training. Often in the professional peloton you will see riders that were injured in the early part of the season coming on strongly in the second half of the year, notching up some superb results. They re-focused at the time of their injury and created a new plan to follow. Then at the end of the season, when everyone else is tired, they are riding high on their best form of the year. Don’t think that being injured or sick and missing their targets wasn’t hard for them, but what they didn’t do is give up.

If you have been sick or injured take a deep breath, take a look around, hit the reset button and make some new plans to motivate yourself in training. You might be surprised at the new highs in fitness you can attain.

Rest when you are sick, it’s that simple

As I wrote in my last blog this has been one tough winter across Canada. Bad weather, cold temperatures, and now lots of people sick. Within my own circle of clients there are five of us that have been dealing with sickness that just won’t go away. My own chest cold started at the end of February, so that makes it over six weeks that I have been dealing with it.

My initial mistake was a simple one that we all make. When I got sick I was at a training camp in California – and I kept riding. Riding through the camp drove the cold deep into my chest. I knew better than to keep riding, but when you are at a camp it is tough. Now I am paying the price. My second mistake was to get back to training too soon after I was “better”. I should have listened to my coach and rested more.

Training, or even worse trying to train, while we are sick and coming back too soon are two mistakes that we all make. Rest is actually the most challenging part of training, which few of us do well enough. Everyone worries about missing training days and losing fitness. We half-train in the hopes of maintaining our form. In all likelihood though a bit of rest will do nothing but benefit you and allow your body to adapt to the training stress you have put it under. I would have been better off taking the time off the bike when it was necessary. Then I most likely would have gotten over the cold completely, been training properly again quickly enough, and still been on target for my spring goals. I didn’t rest, have been sick for six weeks and am starting to look at re-assessing my goals for the season. Luckily for me there is still lots of the 2014 season remaining.